Madge Parlez Vous’ New Beginnings at Valpo

  • GCH C and D’s Rock on Rocky
  • Belle De La Soiree De Parlez Vous

Parlez Vous’ New Beginnings at Valpo (Madge) is a sweet, cute, gentle girl. Madge is the iconic frenchie butt wiggler. When she came to our home at 8 weeks old, she ran up to our two Danes and just wiggled her butt at them.  That has become her greeting to people and dogs when they enter our home. She also loves to run to all the other dogs and bark and wiggle her butt to announce breakfast or dinner is being served.  She is quite the clown.

Madge started her show career with a bang.  Attaining half of her points towards her championship in just a few shows.  But then Madge decided she didn’t like to show anymore.  The last time she showed I had to drag in to the show site.  I figured Madge was happier to just be at home and being the proverbial dinner bell.

Health testings include prelims on spine, hips, and patella all normal. Heart clear OFA #FBU-CA1365/15-NOPI


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