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20131221_225337 image image image image image IMG_0114 20140215_213512

20131208_152135 20140411_193952 IMG_0667 IMG_20150101_152819529_HDR IMG_20150206_164623544 IMG_20150206_164812875 20131026_132446 IMG_0734 IMG_20150219_134521480_HDR-EFFECTS

2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Hello,

    I am inquiring about available French Bulldog puppies. I noticed on your site that it says there were two litters in the spring. Do you have any puppies left from those litters? If not, then do you plan on having anymore soon?

    Please advise.

    Thank you,

    Mary Reid


    • Hi Mary,
      I am expecting puppies next week. They would not be available to go to their new homes until end of October. Please feel free to give me a call to see if a Frenchie would be a good fit for your family.
      All my puppies go on a spay/neuter contract for $3500.
      Susan Misch 248-568-1751


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